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            ,TOTE CART
            ,HEATER TEMPLATE
            SOLAR MATERIAL
            ,JUNCTION BOX
            ,6 Monocrystalline
            ,6 Multicrystalline
            ADHESIVE TAPE
            PLASTIC SHEET

            Changzhou Steer Trade Co.Ltd
            Tel: +86-519-83875830
            Fax: +86-519-83875830
            Mobile: +86-13801515793
            E-mail: sales@www.allkitchendesigns.com
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            Changzhou,Jiangsu Province,China

            Mono/Poly solar panel

            What is different from Monocrystalline Solar panel and Polycrystalline solar panel?

            The cells of a monocrystalline solar panel are cut from a chunk of silicon that has been grown from a single crystal that grows in only one direction or plane. Monocrystalline solar panels are more efficient in converting the sun¨s rays to electricity.Polycrystalline cell material is grown from multifaceted silicon crystalline material. More surface area is required due to inherent flaws in the material and polycrystalline solar panels are less efficient in converting the sun¨s rays.

            Choosing between monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells is not easy. Both are made from crystalline silicon, the most efficient semiconductor material on the market today, but in different waves. A monocrystalline panel is made of individual silicon wafers all cut from the same cylindrical ingot. Polycrystalline panels, sometimes referred to as multicrystalline, are made from cast square ingots of silicon produced by cooling and solidifying molten silicon.

            Determining which is better requires weighing cost against efficiency. Monocrystalline solar cells are the most efficient, readily available ones to date. The best reach 22 percent conversion efficiency in the real world. Polycrystalline cells are less efficient, although higher than thin-film solar cells for now, but cost less to manufacture than their single-crystal siblings.

            So much of the issue C and why polycrystalline panels sell better C is price. Up-front price, to be specific, because the thing is, monocrystalline cells are the most experienced, most efficient and most dependable product on the market. In the long run, they earn their keep quite well. Increased cost equals increased efficiency, which for many homes with limited south-facing roof space is a worthwhile investment. If you can get around the added costs, if you need to make the most out of a small space, and if thin, integrated panels are not a preference, then monocrystalline panels are probably your best choice. They simply deliver more wattage per square foot and more bang for your extra bucks.

            This doesn¨t mean to say that a polycrystalline (sometimes referred to as multicrystalline) solar panel is of poor quality.A 120 watt rated monocrystalline solar panel and a 120 watt polycrystalline solar panel are essentially the same thing C they generate the same amount of electricity, but the monocrystalline panel is smaller; so these are best suited to installations where available roof area is an issue.

            : Monocrystalline Solar panel 5W-140W

            • TUV 61215 TUV61730
            • ISO9001
            • CE,ROHS
            • Grade-A Solar cell
            Model No Max Power
            Dimension(mm) Max Current
            Max Voltage
            Short Circuit
            Open Circuit
            CZA5W-12 5W 400*175*18 0.29 17.2 0.31 21.85 0.8
            CZA10W-12 10W 360*300*28 0.53 18.86 0.31 21.85 1.5
            CZA20W-12 20W 640*300*30 1.13 17.64 1.21 21.92 2.6
            CZA30W-12 30W 580*420*30 1.59 18.86 1.70 22.35 3.4
            CZA40W-12 40W 668*545*35 2.3 17.35 2.46 21.88 4.3
            CZA45W-12 45W 668*545*35 2.39 18.86 2.55 22.36 4.3
            CZA50W-12 50W 845*545*35 2.88 17.35 3.08 21.88 5.2
            CZA55W-12 55W 845*545*35 3.11 17.64 3.33 21.92 5.2
            CZA60W-12 60W 845*545*35 3.18 18.86 3.40 22.35 5.2
            CZA65W-12 65W 760*668*35 3.46 17.93 3.70 21.96 6.8
            CZA70W-12 70W 1185*545*35 4.2 16.67 4.49 21.81 10
            CZA75W-12 75W 1185*545*35 4.41 17.02 4.72 21.85 10
            CZA80W-12 80W 1185*545*35 4.54 17.64 4.85 21.92 10
            CZA85W-12 85W 1185*545*35 4.65 18.28 4.98 22.06 10
            CZA90W-12 90W 1185*545*35 4.77 18.87 5.10 22.35 10
            CZA100W-12 100W 1065*808*35 4.41 22.70 4.71 29.13 13
            CZA120W-12 120W 1065*808*35 4.78 25.15 5.11 29.80 13
            CZA130W-12 130W 1196*808*35 4.81 27 5.39 32.4 13
            CZA140W-12 140W 1196*808*35 5 27 5.6 32.4 13

            Å:Polycrystalline Solar panel (Multi-crystalline Solar Panel) 5W-150W

            • TUV 61215,61730
            • ISO9001
            • CE,ROHS
            • Grade-A Solar cell
            Model No Max Power
            Dimension(mm) Max Current
            Max Voltage
            Short Circuit
            Open Circuit
            CZB5W-12 5W 320*200*18 0.28 17.49 0.30 21.67 0.8
            CZB10W-12 10W 360*300*30 0.57 17.49 0.61 21.67 1.5
            CZB20W-12 20W 550*350*30 1.14 17.49 1.22 21.67 2.6
            CZB30W-12 30W 545*515*30 1.71 17.49 1.83 21.67 3.9
            CZB40W-12 40W 668*545*35 2.28 17.49 2.44 21.67 4.3
            CZB45W-12 45W 668*545*35 2.48 18.14 2.8 21.81 4.3
            CZB50W-12 50W 655*668*35 2.91 17.13 3.12 21.63 6.3
            CZB55W-12 55W 655*668*35 3.04 18.14 2.65 21.81 6.3
            CZB60W-12 60W 760*668*35 3.43 17.49 3.67 21.67 6.3
            CZB65W-12 65W 760*668*35 3.61 18 3.86 21.74 6.8
            CZB70W-12 70W 895*668*35 4.09 17.13 4.37 21.63 6.8
            CZB75W-12 75W 895*668*35 4.24 17.71 4.53 21.71 9
            CZB80W-12 80W 895*668*35 4.39 18.22 4.70 21.85 9
            CZB85W-12 85W 995*668*35 4.79 17.71 5.13 21.70 9
            CZB90W-12 90W 995*668*35 4.96 18.14 5.30 21.81 9
            CZB100W-12 100W 1245*668*35 5.71 17.49 6.11 21.67 11.6
            CZB110W-12 110W 1196*540*35 5.68 17.57 6.6 21.6 10
            CZB120W-12 120W 1485*668*35 6.86 17.49 7.34 21.67 11.6
            CZB130W-12 130W 1485*668*35 7.2 18.00 7.72 21.74 11.6
            CZB140W-12 140W 1485*668*35 7.2 18.00 7.72 21.74 11.6

            ‰: Residential Solar panel Monocrystalline 155W -300W

            • TUV 61215,61730
            • ISO9001
            • CE,ROHS
            • Grade-A Solar cell
            Model No Max
            Number of
            Solar Cell
            Dimension(mm) Max
            Open Circuit
            CZA155W-36M 155W 5≦ 125 6〜12 1580x808x40 4.47A 34.7V 4.78A 43.77V 15
            CZA160W-36M 160W 5≦ 125 6〜12 1580x808x40 4.53A 35.28V 4.85A 43.84V 15
            CZA165W-36M 165W 5≦ 125 6〜12 1580x808x40 4.6A 35.85V 4.92A 43.99V 15
            CZA170W-36M 170W 5≦ 125 6〜12 1580x808x40 4.64A 36.57V 4.97A 44.13V 15
            CZA175W-36M 175W 5≦ 125 6〜12 1580x808x40 4.70A 37.29V 5.02A 44.28V 15
            CZA180W-36M 180W 5≦ 125 6〜12 1580x808x40 4.77A 37.75V 5.1A 44.71V 15
            CZA185W-36M 185W 5≦ 125 6〜12 1580x808x40 4.87A 38.02V 5.21A 45V 15
            CZA190W-36M 190W 5≦ 125 6〜12 1580x808x40 4.98A 38.16V 5.33A 44.93V 15
            CZA195W-36M 195W 5≦ 125 6〜12 1580x808x40 5.09A 38.3V 5.45A 45V 15
            CZA195W-40M 195W 5≦ 125 8X10 1304X1056X40 4.7A 41.44V 5.03A 49.2V 16.3
            CZA200W-40M 200W 5≦ 125 8X10 1304X1056X40 4.77A 41.95V 5.1A 49.68V 16.3
            CZA205W-40M 205W 5≦ 125 8X10 1304X1056X40 4.85A 42.24V 5.19A 49.84V 16.3
            CZA210W-40M 210W 5≦ 125 8X10 1304X1056X40 4.93A 42.56V 5.28A 50V 16.3
            CZA200W-48M 200W 5≦ 125 8X12 1600X1056X40 4.43A 45.63V 4.68A 57.6V 19.5
            CZA205W-48M 205W 5≦ 125 8X12 1600X1056X40 4.49A 46.27V 4.74A 58.36V 19.5
            CZA210W-48M 210W 5≦ 125 8X12 1600X1056X40 4.5A 46.65V 4.81A 58.41V 19.5
            CZA215W-48M 215W 5≦ 125 8X12 1600X1056X40 4.55A 47.23V 4.87A 58.51V 19.5
            CZA220W-48M 220W 5≦ 125 8X12 1600X1056X40 4.6A 47.8V 4.92A 58.65V 19.5
            CZA225W-48M 225W 5≦ 125 8X12 1600X1056X40 4.61A 48.76V 4.93A 58.84V 19.5
            CZA230W-48M 230W 5≦ 125 8X12 1600X1056X40 4.67A 49.15V 5A 58.94V 19.5
            CZA235W-48M 235W 5≦ 125 8X12 1600X1056X40 4.72A 49.72V 5.05A 59.04V 19.5
            CZA240W-48M 240W 5≦ 125 8X12 1600X1056X40 4.77A 50.3V 5.1A 59.61V 19.5
            CZA245W-48M 245W 5≦ 125 8X12 1600X1056X40 4.84A 50.54V 5.18A 59.76V 19.5
            CZA250W-48M 250W 5≦ 125 8X12 1600X1056X40 4.92A 50.78V 5.26A 59.9V 19.5
            CZA255W-48M 255W 5≦ 125 8X12 1600X1056X40 5A 50.98V 5.35A 59.95V 19.5
            CZA260W-48M 260W 5≦ 125 8X12 1600X1056X40 5.07A 51.25V 5.43A 60.09V 19.5
            CZA190W-27MD 190W 6≦ 156 6X9 1485X990X40 7.24A 26.23V 7.75A 32.86V 17
            CZA195W-27MD 195W 6≦ 156 6X9 1485X990X40 7.34A 26.56V 7.86A 32.91V 17
            CZA200W-27MD 200W 6≦ 156 6X9 1485X990X40 7.43A 26.9V 7.96A 33V 17
            CZA205W-27MD 205W 6≦ 156 6X9 1485X990X40 7.5A 27.34V 8.02A 33.08V 17
            CZA210W-27MD 210W 6≦ 156 6X9 1485X990X40 7.58A 27.69V 8.11A 33.16V 17
            CZA215W-27MD 215W 6≦ 156 6X9 1485X990X40 7.65A 28.12V 8.18A 33.39V 17
            CZA220W-27MD 22W 6≦ 156 6X9 1485X990X40 7.77A 28.32V 8.31A 33.55V 17
            CZA225W-27MD 225W 6≦ 156 6X9 1485X990X40 7.9A 28.49V 8.45A 33.63V 17
            CZA220W-30MD 220W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 7.4A 29.74V 7.92A 36.62V 18.6
            CZA225W-30MD 225W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 7.46A 30.17V 7.98A 36.71V 18.6
            CZA230W-30MD 230W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 7.53A 30.53V 8.06A 36.79V 18.6
            CZA235W-30MD 235W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 7.6A 30.94V 8.13A 36.88V 18.6
            CZA240W-30MD 240W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 7.66A 31.32V 8.2A 37.2V 18.6
            CZA245W-30MD 245W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 7.78A 31.49V 8.32A 37.28V 18.6
            CZA250W-30MD 250W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 7.9A 31.65V 8.45A 37.37V 18.6
            CZA250W-36MD 250W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.19A 34.78V 7.69A 43.78V 22.4
            CZA260W-36MD 260W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.33A 35.48V 7.84A 43.88V 22.4
            CZA270W-36MD 270W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.46A 36.22V 7.98A 44.05V 22.4
            CZA275W-36MD 275W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.52A 36.57V 8.05A 44.13V 22.4
            CZA280W-36MD 280W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.58A 36.94V 8.11A 44.24V 22.4
            CZA290W-36MD 290W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.72A 37.55V 8.26A 44.6V 22.4
            CZA300W-36MD 300W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.92A 37.87V 8.48A 44.78V 22.4

            ♯: Residential Solar panel Polycrystalline 155W -300W

            • TUV 61215,61730
            • ISO9001
            • CE,ROHS
            • Grade-A Solar cell
            Model No Max
            Number of
            Solar Cell
            Dimension(mm) Max
            Open Circuit
            CZB155W-24P 155W 6≦ 156 6X8 1330X990X40 6.78A 22.85V 7.26A 28.85V 16.4
            CZB160W-24P 160W 6≦ 156 6X8 1330X990X40 6.86A 23.32V 7.34A 28.89V 16.4
            CZB165W-24P 165W 6≦ 156 6X8 1330X990X40 6.98A 23.61V 7.47A 28.94V 16.4
            CZB170W-24P 170W 6≦ 156 6X8 1330X990X40 7.08A 24V 7.57A 28.99V 16.4
            CZB175W-24P 175W 6≦ 156 6X8 1330X990X40 7.29A 24V 7.8A 28.99V 16.4
            CZB180W-24P 180W 6≦ 156 6X8 1330X990X40 7.44A 24.19V 7.96A 29.09V 16.4
            CZB185W-24P 185W 6≦ 156 6X8 1330X990X40 7.61A 24.29V 8.15A 29.13V 16.4
            CZB190W-24P 190W 6≦ 156 6X8 1330X990X40 7.76A 24.48V 8.3A 29.23V 16.4
            CZB180W-27P 180W 6≦ 156 6X9 1485X990X40 6.85A 26.24V 7.33A 32.5V 17
            CZB185W-27P 185W 6≦ 156 6X9 1485X990X40 6.96A 26.56V 7.45A 32.56V 17
            CZB190W-27P 190W 6≦ 156 6X9 1485X990X40 7.15A 26.56V 7.65A 32.56V 17
            CZB195W-27P 195W 6≦ 156 6X9 1485X990X40 7.22A 27V 7.72A 32.62V 17
            CZB200W-27P 200W 6≦ 156 6X9 1485X990X40 7.38A 27.11V 7.89A 32.67V 17
            CZB205W-27P 205W 6≦ 156 6X9 1485X990X40 7.5A 27.32V 8.02A 32.77V 17
            CZB200W-30P 200W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 6.85A 29.16V 7.33A 36.12V 18.6
            CZB205W-30P 205W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 6.94A 29.52V 7.43A 36.18V 18.6
            CZB210W-30P 210W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 7.11A 29.52V 7.61A 36.18V 18.6
            CZB215W-30P 215W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 7.16A 30V 7.66A 36.24V 18.6
            CZB200W-30P 220W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 7.31A 30.12V 7.81A 36.3V 18.6
            CZB225W-30P 225W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 7.46A 30.18V 7.97A 36.33V 18.6
            CZB230W-30P 230W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 7.58A 30.36V 8.11A 36.42V 18.6
            CZB235W-30P 235W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 7.68A 30.6V 8.22A 36.54V 18.6
            CZB240W-30P 240W 6≦ 156 6X10 1640X990X40 7.81A 30.72V 8.36A 36.6V 18.6
            CZB230W-33P 230W 6≦ 156 6X11 1800X990X40 7.08A 32.47V 7.57A 39.79V 20.6
            CZB235W-33P 235W 6≦ 156 6X11 1800X990X40 7.12A 33V 7.69A 39.86V 20.6
            CZB240W-33P 240W 6≦ 156 6X11 1800X990X40 7.27A 33V 7.78A 39.86V 20.6
            CZB245W-33P 245W 6≦ 156 6X11 1800X990X40 7.39A 33.13V 7.91A 39.93V 20.6
            CZB240W-36P 240W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 6.89A 34.85V 7.37A 43.23V 22.5
            CZB245W-36P 245W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7A 34.99V 7.49A 43.34V 22.5
            CZB250W-36P 250W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.05A 35.42V 7.55A 43.41V 22.5
            CZB225W-36P 255W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.08A 36V 7.57A 43.48V 22.5
            CZB360W-36P 260W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.22A 36V 7.72A 43.48V 22.5
            CZB265W-36P 265W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.32A 36.2V 7.32A 44.02V 22.5
            CZB270W-36P 270W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.42A 36.4V 7.94A 44.17V 22.5
            CZB275W-36P 275W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.49A 36.72V 8.01A 44.24V 22.5
            CZB280W-36P 280W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.57A 36.98V 8.1A 44.31V 22.5
            CZB290W-36P 290W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.86A 36.89V 8.41A 43.99A 22.5
            CZB300W-36P 300W 6≦ 156 6X12 1960X990X46 7.86A 36.89V 8.41A 43.99A 22.5

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